Pilates Ball Challenge

Pilates Ball Challenge

Find a deeper connection to your core and inner thighs with this ball challenge. 12 new workouts and our favourite piece of Pilates equipment to target the entire body.

Ball should not be too firm, make sure you let some air out to begin.

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Pilates Ball Challenge
  • Workout Calendar .pdf

    62.9 KB

    Downloadable weekly workout calendar. Take extra rest days if you need

  • Obliques and Inner Thighs

    Welcome to the Pilates ball challenge.
    This workout is a new favourite to challenge the abs and inner thighs.
    Ball should not be too firm, make sure you let some air out to begin.

    Let me know how you get on and I hope you enjoy this beautiful filming location x

  • Power Pilates

    Lower Body and Abs Power Pilates. Pilates ball and optional small weights.

    Get ready to work hard and strengthen the body.

    Let me know if you enjoyed this one.

  • Complete Core with Pilates Ball

    Mobilise the hips to start and then we challenge the entire core.

    Be sure to make sure the ball is not too firm.

    Location: Lake Wanaka

  • Gentle Pilates with Ball

    Enjoy this low impact, full body workout using the Pilates ball.

  • Glutes Abs and Mobility Express

    This session is designed to combine a few of my favourite exercises to challenge the glutes and abs using the Pilates ball. We finish with a few stretches.

    Enjoy x

  • Core Posture Inner Thighs

    Challenge the core, posture and inner thighs. Pilates ball and optional weights required.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • Full body Tone

    Total Body tone including strengthening and stretching. Pilates ball required

    This workout is a mix of all of my favourite movements to challenge the entire body.

  • Legs & Abs

    This standing legs and abs workout will change the cardio, leg strength and core connection.

    Pilates ball.

    Location: Lake Wanaka

  • Arms Blast

    Express arm blast designed to strengthen the shoulders, arms and abs. Pilates ball and small weights.

  • Gentle Core

    A perfect workout for strengthening the abs without putting pressure on the lower back.

    Pilates ball required.

  • Core Blast

    This video is ideal to do on a regular basis to target the entire core.

    Pilates ball and optional ankle weights.

    Rees Valley, Glenorchy, NZ.

  • Stretch with Pilates Ball

    Perfect to add to a rest day or the end of another workout.

    Mobilise and release the hips and spine.