• Pilates Posture Challenge

    13 items

    30 Days - Improve posture by toning and strengthening the upper back, arms and entire core.

    Optional hand weights and Pilates ball. Enjoy x

  • Pilates Ball Challenge

    13 items

    Find a deeper connection to your core and inner thighs with this ball challenge. 12 new workouts and our favourite piece of Pilates equipment to target the entire body.

    Ball should not be too firm, make sure you let some air out to begin.

  • Feel Good Movement Challenge

    7 items

    Pilates|Mobility|Walking - 14 days

    Designed to help you move your body in a way that leaves you feeling your best. Includes power Pilates sessions, sculpt and Stretch, mobility and optional waking/low impact cardio days.

    Let’s do this together and spend 14 days improving your well being, star...

  • Total Body Challenge

    11 items

    Lengthen and strengthen the body while transforming your body and mind.

    On location: Hawkes Bay, NZ

    Follow the downloadable calendar for the suggested daily workout and enjoy!

  • The Holiday Edit

    24 items

    Short & effective workouts designed to help keep you moving over the holiday season.

    Brand new workouts and my favourite top picks 15 - 20 minutes to create the holiday edit. Either follow the calendar or pick and choose as you go.

    Filmed on Waiheke Island just before Christmas to leave you f...

  • Core & Confidence Challenge

    18 items

    Welcome to the new challenge, I hope you love it!

    Designed to improve your confidence while building a new level of core strength. Brand new workouts with extra focus on the arms and abs, suggested cardio days and a follow along calendar. Expect to see and feel the difference in 14 days.


  • Start Here Programme

    13 items

    This programme is designed to take you through the Pilates principles, introduce you to the Wild Pilates style and is the perfect place to start. Take more rest days if needed

    Download the follow along workout calendar to know which workouts to do each day.

  • Sweat and Sculpt Challenge

    9 items

    This 20 day challenge is a mix of HIIT Pilates and Sculpting sessions. Perfect to do if you want to elevate your Pilates training and focus on results.

  • Pilates for Runners Programme

    16 items

    Designed to improve posture, glute connection, leg alignment, flexibility, core strength and injury prevention + recovery.

  • Booty Challenge

    10 items

    Build a new level of strength and tone in the hips and glutes. Follow the downloadable calendar and tick off the sessions as you go.

    To make it your own take rest days when you need, add the stretch videos when you feel you need to and enjoy!

  • Power Pilates 6 Week Challenge

    19 items

    This programme includes Pilates strength and tone workouts, cardio Pilates and power Pilates all blended together to create my favourite programme. Just 5 days a week 15 - 30 mins suitable for all levels.

    Follow the downloadable workout calendar

    Workouts for weeks 3-6 will be released closer to...

  • 14 Day Express Challenge

    15 items

  • 30 Day Challenge

    16 items

    Workouts designed to challenge the body by lengthening and strengthening while also getting the heart rate up in some workouts. Modify or take rest days if needed, I encourage you to substitute a more low impact workout if you would prefer. The goals is to achieve consistency and routine and expe...

  • Sculpt Challenge

    9 items

    You will find a mix of short targeted workouts and longer lengthening Pilates focused sessions to create fast and effective results. You are encouraged to take rest days or modify exercises as needed

  • 3 Week Challenge

    23 items

    5 new workouts released at the start of each week. Each workout has a different focus Sculpt, Tone, Low impact, Pace and Targeted. You have the option to add any of the short bonus workouts to the end of any workouts for a little more or a stretch. Choose the days you complete the 5 workouts each...

  • Get Started Challenge

    12 items

    Follow the downloadable calendar with workouts designed to move at a deliberate pace and focus on the Pilates principles. You can do this challenge back to back or take rest days in between if you need.

  • 2 Week Pilates Challenge

    16 items

    This challenge will focus on connecting and strengthening in the first week and will then layer in high intensity work into the second week for a full body challenge. A recovery stretch session is included to add to the end of the workouts or on a rest day.

  • 10 Reset Challenge

    10 items

    This 10 Day Full Body Challenge is designed to strengthen the body and motivate you to maintain a healthy Pilates routine. Great to do if you need a little reset or you are going away and want to maintain routine.

  • 14 Day Legs & Abs Challenge

    8 items

    Expect to see increased strengthening and toning of the legs as well as a better understanding of connecting and strengthening the core muscles with every exercise, you will also get your heart rate up with the standing leg work. Follow the downloadable calendar each day and as always modify and ...

  • 21 Day Pilates Challenge

    10 items

    New and Improved Pilates classes with a downloadable calendar designed to help you achieve the best results and guide you through the challenge.
    You can take rest days if you need or switch out a workout if it is not suitable for you.
    Enjoy xx